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We Want You to Know Us & Our History

Rodriguez Farms started in 1991 with 3 acres of strawberries in Watsonville, California along the Monterey Bay coast. This was a dream come true since I had been working at farmers’ markets for my dad's employer since high school. My husband was working for a strawberry farm and had some experience growing berries in Mexico before coming to the United States. With our experience and ambition to start our own business we took a chance and ventured into the farming world.

Since 2004 we have been certified organic with C.C.O.F and U.S.D.A. Every year we test and make changes to use natural farming practices. We are proud to say we have developed a tractor mounted vacuum system to remove pests from our plants and avoid using harmful pesticides. We also grow other plants that are beneficial to organic farming.

In 2019, we had the honor of being featured by Edible Magazine as the strawberry local favorite of the Bay Area. You can read the article using the link below:

Since we started our goal has been to grow quality fruit and offer the best to our customers. Every year we learn and make changes to ensure we are growing the best berries and it helps to be farming in the best soil and weather for strawberries. Our business depends on our customers and we have been very successful at farmers’ markets. Our customers return year after year and our new fans have helped us grow to a 120 acre farm split between Watsonville and Castroville overlooking the Monterey Bay. We plant an average of 60 acres per year in order to let the other half of our soil rest. This allows the soil to replenish its nutrients and produce better quality crop. Due to customer demand we have also added a wide variety of berries and vegetables. 

-Patricia Rodriguez 

Copy of Rodriguez Farm Berries Circle Lo

Our Mission

Rodriguez Farms was conceived not only as a business but also as a way to provide the highest quality berries to the public.

We made a promise to ourselves that we would always strive to get the freshest and best tasting berries straight to our friends and customers; thus we have had to adapt our farming methodology in order to keep that promise alive.

It is scary to apply new farming methods and practices to our crops, but we gladly do it if there is a chance that we will get even better quality produce that we can later provide to our customers.


So in essence our mission is to provide "the best berries always".

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