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A new berry picking season is upon us!!

We just began to pick some of our delicious strawberries a couple of weeks ago, they are from our "second year" crop; but our "first year" fields are not far behind.

The newly planted fields are full of life and now we are starting to see the first ripe red berries from these plants.

When we are visiting our fields to check on the crop, we can’t help but to feel a sense of hope and awe, the deep green color of the new and healthy plants makes a beautiful contrast with the vibrant red color from the first berries of the season.

On our visits to the fields we can’t pass the opportunity to find a couple of the ripest fruit and eat it ourselves. Can’t get any better than that, freshly picked from the plant, and fully ripe. We love the taste and that is why we also try our best to provide the freshest and most ripe fruit to our customers.

At the beginning of the season (like right now) we do not have sufficient berries to attend all of our regular markets, this is only a matter of supply. We would love to go to all our markets and see our friends in those markets, but we know that every day that passes we get closer to the day when we can attend all our regular markets.

As the warmer weather approaches so does the increase in production, when we have cold weather the berries do ripen but they do so at a slower pace.

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